Types of Casino Games – The Complete List

. Blackjack

Let’s start off with the American all-time favorite table game. Blackjack is one of the oldest gambling games dating back to the 1700’s; since then it is still thriving as one of the best strategy gambling games in the industry. For most people especially new gamers the game appears to be complicated and even difficult, but in real sense, it’s not as hard. The main point of the game is to get as close to hitting a total of 21 without passing it. Once you beat the dealer’s hand you win real money.

. Slots

Slots are by far the most popular casino game type. There are thousands of different types differentiated by the theme, payout range, RTP, wager limits and quality. Slots are the easiest to play. The better is required to set the wager and merely hit the spin button, once the reels stop moving, the fate will be on display. This game type comes packed with impressive features, bonuses, wilds, scatters, free spins, multipliers and so much more.

. Roulette

There are three variations of online roulette; European, American and French. The oldest is the French version which was invented in 1655 by Blaise Pascal. The game has a high house edge but is still among the popular types of casino games among gamblers. To play, place bets on the number(s), colour, row, column and so on; that you think the chip will land after spinning. If your prediction is right, you win based on the odds of the bet or the payout range.

. Video Poker
Video Poker

Poker is the game of cards that requires prudent gambling, application of strategy and skill. Just like roulette, it has multiple variations. To win you will have to hold a set of cards more valuable than any of your opponents on the table. It’s quite strategic and requires critical and analytical thinking, but all in all, it can be quite fun.

. Baccarat

Baccarat is a highly addictive table option played with cards. In online casinos, the player sets a bet on either himself/herself, the bank or a draw. The game starts right after, and cards will be arranged on the dealer’s side as well as the player’s. Players should strive to get a total of 8/9 on the value of the cards to automatically win.

. Craps

Craps which dates back to the 12th century is a fun table-game. Here, the ‘shooter’ places bets on the table and spins dice in what is called a ‘come out roll’ for the first spin. If the bet was correct, the player wins; that simple.

The gambling world has never been as wide as it is today, stretching from the fast life in Vegas and bright lights of Macau to the outer online realm of the internet. There are numerous types of casino games providing impressive bonuses, massive promotions that make the whole gambling experience worth it. Here we will discuss in detail how to play every game available.