Our Privacy Policy

We are very cautious when it comes to matters regarding privacy and are committed to protecting the privacy of all our users. We have gone ahead to create this Policy with the intention of informing you how we go about managing, collecting and using information through your use of our website, that provides information regarding casino games and the whole gambling industry in general.

We highly encourage you to carefully go through our Privacy Policy so that you can use it to make an informed decision before immersing yourself in online gambling. While you have the right to complain to your chosen data protection authority, we would highly appreciate if you contact us first in the event that you have any privacy concerns.

The kind of information that we collect on our site is the one that you volunteer to give us when filling out our surveys, or if we are in the process of modeling or changing your profile that is on our site. Also, we may collect information that’s sent to us specifically by your Web Browser with visitors logging in to our site being presented with target messages if they choose to accept cookies.

Of importance to note is how we go about sharing your personal information. We may share this information with related companies and our affiliates performing the same functions on our behalf. Additionally, we may share this information in good faith if compelled by the law but never will we share the information with online casino sites that may require this information so as to increase their target customers.

We do not offer real money games at all and do not cooperate with other casinos as we believe that the choice is yours regarding the one that you want to play. With us, all your information is safe and kept private.