First time- Welcome Bonus

Most casinos welcome players with some incentive- they are often referred to as a new player bonus, initial sign up bonus, opening bonus or first deposit bonus. This is the best bonus, and in most cases, the new player gets a 100% credit on cash deposits.

No Deposit Bonus

Some gambling platforms offer the promotion to new players without requiring any deposits. Although rare, it’s happens, and we will list all the sites that provide this.

Loyalty Bonuses

Constant players benefit from exclusive promotions on selected gambling sites. After the required criteria are met, you can benefit from several VIP programmes:

Monthly Bonuses

Many gambling sites offer monthly bonuses also known as reloads privately via email to their players. These rewards are primarily based on the frequency and amount of bets placed. Some sites will offer them monthly and others weekly.

Payment Method Promotions

These offers are the least common; so don’t expect to see many of them on gambling websites. They are mostly offered when the payment method is presented in the site.

High Roller

Casinos don’t offer high roller offers outright from their options. It is only when a high roller deposits a massive chunk of money that the tea, contacts him/her with a customised package. In some cases, some gambling sites have offered high rollers tickets to sports events, expensive gifts and even free holidays.

Refer a Friend Casino Bonuses

Today most gambling platforms offer players reference bonus options. For example, you can be rewarded 1000 cash convertible points for every £100 a player you’ve referred spends.

Because information is power here are things to look out for in the promotions: